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Its Official, No Whatsapp for Windows and Mac OS X Desktop

In an interview with Dutch site Tweakers, CEO Juan Koum confirmed that there will be no desktop version of Whatsapp for Windows and Mac OS X. He also added that the iOS version of Whatsapp will move to yearly subscription charges for new users

Koun says that we know that there is a very big demand for the desktop version of Whatsapp, but still, there are no plans to make one, as our main focus is mobile right now. He also said that whatsapp believe that everyone is moving to mobile and love to carry mobile or Smartphone with them. On the other hand, its very well know that no one can carry desktop with them all the time due to which its kind of secondary experience.

No doubt that users who expected a desktop version for Whatsapp will be disappointed after reading all this but its true. Even some users are shifting to Whatsapp competitor Line because it offers the desktop app to complement the mobile version.

So if you're looking for a way to use whatsapp on Windows and Mac OS X, then its only possible with the help of Blue stack app player. 

Whatsapp Payment Changes

Right now all Whatsapp running same models on all platforms i.e. Use whatsapp free for the first year and then take a yearly subscription. But from this year Whatsapp for iOS will join this new model. According to that, new users will be charged for using Whatsapp, but existing users have an advantage because they don't have to pay for the first year.

So the question is "Are you happy that you're not getting a desktop version of Whatsapp? And as a new user, you have to pay for using this application. Whatever is in your mind felt free to share with me.


  1. "There are no plans to make one, as our main focus is mobile right now. He also said that, whatsapp believe that everyone is moving to mobile and love to carry mobile or Smartphone with them."

    Terrible logic. Of course we all use our mobiles religiously, but that doesn't mean that when we're sitting at our desks working, or on our laptops, that we want to have to pick up our phones every time someone pings us on WhatsApp. I hate it.

    Someone texts me, I reply, they reply, I reply, so moving my hand over to my phone all the time when I could just type in a box on my desktop is incredibly frustrating. 

    1. Perfectly correct: both in emotion and in fact.

      Dumb logic.

      They should approve a development partnership, with approp profit sharing for how much business is both retained and grown BECAUSE OF this huge missing functionality set, and Mike Stevens and I will build the desktop versions for "free".

      Are we on?

    2. really! I think whatsapp giving fake reason. I like how Hangout came with web version.

  2. Well, Viber has come out with a desktop app. BBM has announced they are going cross-platform. Google is working on unified messaging (Babel or whatever). It's only a matter of time before Microsoft/Apple come out with their solutions. WhatsApp better get their act together and listen to their users. There isn't anything they provide that Facebook Messenger doesn't already provide today

  3. I use Viber now exactly because they have a desktop app. Viber is way ahead of the curve and most of my friends have moved to Viber. WhatsApp is in the dark and clearly do not understand that everyone wants to be able to use their desktop when they are on their pc or laptop. Shame on WhatsApp for being so slow.

  4. No mobile app? Subscription model? Either these guys are naive, or they are actively nailing their coffins. Their product roadmap makes no sense. A desktop version is simply convenient, regardless ass to whether or not people are moving towards mobile.

    Also, a yearly subscription model will kill the users in third-world countries (where WhatsApp is especially popular.)

  5. Check out this free Android app which allows you to send WhatsApp messages form your PC!

  6. I would have to agree with you guys. I am a homeschooling mom and always having to pick up my phone while teaching my kids doesn't work for me at all. If I am at the computer doing work I can just quickly respond while working on the laptop. Whatsapp you have to reconsider!


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